Friday, October 21, 2016

More and more parakeets visit the garden again.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, the parakeets are definately returning. They are there in the morning and in the late afternoon they are back again.  counted at most 6 for now.
Did I tell you about "Japie"the one that looks so miserable(almost no feathers he had on his head and chest)? Well, he is back too and still is looking rather miserable but a bit better. I wonder if he will hold through when it will really will be cold.
But it is fun to have those parakeets back again.

We had a bit of on and off weather actually. All together if I look back on the week, it wasn;t that bad at all One day it really rained a lot, and there was a fierce wind, but that day in other parts of the country is was pretty bad. so we are doing quite good at the coast at the moment.
Periods with sun, sometimes a bit cloudy, here and there a rainshower, and temperatures around 12 C, I'll settle for it for a whole lot longer!

There was one day temps even were around 17-18 and that was a good day to do something in the garden. So I took out the ladder and pruned a whole bunch of ivy and also lots of branches of the blueberrie that comes from the neighbour. I didn;t had the courage anymore to tie it together anymore, so Jan did that the other day. Oh boy, I really did a lot, we had 4 bundles and also 3 sacks. So I called to the council to ask it they could fetch it and they shoud come today. Yesterday evening Jan and I took all the stuff outside .

Duri g the week I did of course some usual stuff in the house, every day something and also did about all the grocerie shopping and still had some time to sit at the computer to design a bit. And in the evenings thee are lots of things to see at tv, some more interesting than others, but while we also take things on tape and dvd, there always is something to watch. We are now following season 2 of a serie called Madame Secretary. My readers living in the Us probably know it and perhaps even already have season 3, but  must say we like it a lot.
It is a good mix of fiction and facts and also not forgets showing a bit of private life. We usually tape about one week and then on days there isnt too much to watch we see 4 episodes in 2 days LOL.
And there is also some sports to see, like soccer and soon also there will be some speedskating again  guess. And if that is not enough there are here and there also some nice detectives to watch, so we have quite a busy time in the evenings , hahahaha

Well, about time for me to finish this post, must think of something to make as dinner for Jan(best something I can make in advance), because today he goes again to his volunteerjob.(he calls it his "hobby")
and if I am feeling okay tomorrow(why shouldn't I?) perhaps I will try to make an applepie.
I'll give you today a kit, named Manuela, together with the clusters of Arlene. Because I don't want you to wait too long for the clusters of a kit. And why that? Because next week  will have a Halloween kit for you.
Have a fantastic weekend and take care!

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Some lovely autumn days

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, we still cannot complain totally about the weather. Although it is a bit low in temperature, we still have a lot of sunshine and almost no rain and not too much wind. So in all it looks friendly.
It already makes such a difference when you wake up, open your curtains and the sun is shining, even when you know the temperature is just around 11-12 C.

I had kind of a bad day yesterday, suddenly my stomach was playing games with me and at times it hurt badly Then it settled down again and then made war again, not funny at all. But I had a good night sleep last night and I hope all has settled down again and that the tablets will do their work well and smoothly again.

Oh, I was so pleased when I looked out the window into the garden yesterday morning! I saw two parakeets sitting on one of the rosebows. Hoorray, may be it is a sign they will come back more frequent now.

Brodski is spending more and more time inside now. Of course he takes at times a little stroll into the garden and if there is enough sun, he finds a place to warm himself up for a while But in the evenings and nights you can find him often in the living room now! Smart guy, of course. There it is warm and sometimes he even gets a little something he likes very much, like some small bits of cheese e.g.

Time to move for me now, I slept rather late this morning so time is disappearing quickly.
I have today some clusters by Arlene for you, made with the Autumn Symphony kit.
Have a wonderful dya and week ahead.
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Friday, October 07, 2016

Echo of struma was okay

Goodmorning everybody

Tuesday I went to hospital for an echo of my struma, and yesterday I was with my doctor for the result. Nothing disturbing found, it seems that I have one bigger cyste on the thyroid or nearby, that is filled with some fluid, therefore I have already for years a swelling in my throat. The advise is to visit and internist just to talk it through and perhaps they advise to remove the fluid, I don;t know
But for now I can sleep without worries, okay
I am just so fed up with visiting doctors and hospital and having tests, I think I just had enough of it for this year.

After I came back from the doctor, Jan and I first had a cup of coffee and then I decided Jan could really do with a haircut(I was telling him that already for about 2 weeks LOL). And so it happened. I am not a hairdresser, but I think it is looking not too bad.

Now today I also have to call the dental guy again, to have an appointment for some smaller adjustments and when those are done I think all will settle slowly and I will even get used to it in time LOL. Then I will have to do some grocerie shopping and later in the afternoon Jan will have to go to his volunteer work again.

The weather is still not really bad, although temperatures are getting more crisp. At daytime we have now about 14-15 C, but no rain(or very very little) and not too much wind, even periods with sunshine.
But I know it is getting colder outside, because our Brodski is spending more time inside the house now. Right now he is sleeping on the floor next to me.

I am designing again a bit more, I even started yesterday on a halloween kit( I am somewhat late, but it will be ready in time), and I even have some papers ready for a new Christmaskit
Time for me to make that phonecall to the dental guy and then get dressed and get busy
Wishing you all a wonderful day and weekend and that all may be safe who will have to deal with hurricane Matthew.

P.S.  I notcied that i didn't put a title on the preview. This is the Autumn Symphony kit.

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Difficult to eat the last few days

Goodafternoon everybody!

Didn;t have time this morning, because  had a doctorsappointment. Nothing real serious, but had some questions and they are about all answered, have to get a check (echo) for my thyroid. I have a bit of struma in the throat, which I have already for years and years. My doctor asked me if I had any checkups or tests for that, and as I didn;t have any he wanted to get one. I don't expect any real disturbing result, but it is good my doctor wants to be sure.
Well, then this week i got my final dental, and oh boy, what trouble it gives!
I already went back to have some adjustments to it, but it still is hurting way too much, so I will see if I can go back tomorrow and that it will finally settles itself without any to big trouble. I know you will have to get used to it, but it is causing too much trouble at the moment, Specially I have difficulty(and pain) to eat, so now, when I have dinner or something else,  put in my old one. Then at least I eat and I must do that, I already have not much appetite and I don;t want to loose any weight. It certainly isn;t really "my year", talking about health issues. They aren;t really big ones, but all together you are still busy with it, having tests in hospital and going again to the doctor and taking some more medicines etc.etc.

Perhaps do you remember I had some trouble with bills from the health insturance? Well, it took about 3 months, but yesterday I made a phonecall(because they sent in another bill, that in my opinion I already payed) and I had for once the same guy at the phone(very nice one) and it was easier to explain. After checking my account there, he gave me the good news that all was settled and payed for, and that the only thing I still had to pay was the monthly premium. Hoorray, my derminiation payed off LOL!

Today is far less weather than the last week or so. we have rain, hard wind, which is still increasing in force and for the next few days it will be not so warm anymore, only around 16-17C. But.... perhaps next week it will creep up a bit to 19-20 C again. I fear, that slowly we will loose the nice temperatures and they will get lower and lower. And I am so NOT ready yet for it. Alas, we cannot turn a switch to get nicer weather, so we will have to get used to it again.
Must say I am so happy with my new central heating kettle that we had installed. Now we just can turn the thermostate a bit higher and it all works and that without having to check on the water pressure anymore!
(Admitting here, that I still take a peep every now and then, just to check LOL, but till now it is okay).

I did a bit more of designing lately, so I have next to Arlene's clusters made with the Lovely days kit, also a set of quickpages I made with that same kit.
Hope you can use them for some nice photos.
Have a wonderful day and weekend to come!
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Thursday, September 22, 2016

"Prinsjesdag" this week.

Goodmorning everybody!

Still having rather good weather, with temperatures around 19-20-21C, sometimes a bit cloudy, but almost no rain, just a few drops.
For the time of year still very nice.

This week on Tuesday we had the "Prinsjesdag"(Prince's day) again, which is the official opening parliamentary year  Then the Budget papers are presented to the Members of parliament, and the King has his Kings's speech(mostly written For him, bu the ministers).
But it is always a special day here, with the ride of the King and Queen in normally the Golden Coach , but this year in the Glass-coach.
The Golden coach will be restaured, and it will take a few years, so now the had the ride in the other one Also a very beautiful coach.
Naturally everybody is curious about our queen Maxima's dress and this year she had again an awesome one.
 have a link for you where you  can see a few more photo's of the royals that attended at this day.

Also funny to watch the members of parliament, and invited guests,specially the women, because it is kind of tradition, that they wear hats that day. Not everybody does this, but many do and well, some have great ones, other had no taste at all LOL.
We have a member of parliament, who is leader of the Party for the Animals(veryconcerned about animal welfare and nature )and she always has something special and often tries to make a statement with it. Her name is Marianne Thieme and this year she wanted to express, that there are still to little women in government and parliament and on important posts(government as well as business world).

Then yesterday all leaders of the different parties could speak out their opinion about the accomplishments of the government and what they would see different. It was kind of interesting because it almost looked as they were already on campain for the elections of a new cabinet(government). Next year March end the period of 4 years for the ministers and we have to vote for a new one.
Today the prime ministers will answer to several questions asked. So that are two long days in parliament.
You might say that it is going a tiny little bit better with our country again after that horrble world wide crisis, but still there are a lot of things that could do much better Economy isn;t real high yet, still we have a large unemployment figure, the health care is less and less, too may cuts in money and I am not convinced that it was a good move several years ago to make it commercial and give it to health insurances companies. We have to cope with too little payable houses or appartments, and many more things aren;t as well as they were or as they could be.
It will be interesting to see how people will vote next year. Just hope they will not vote out of misery to the extreem right party, because they have a lot of remarks that things aren;t good, but they don;t have any solutions neither. So this kind of party in government will not make our country better at all.

Okay, I will finish now, soon on tv will be the second day of parliament talks, most of it as I said the "answers"of our prime minister( and I am sure many of the leaders of the different parties will have more questions and remarks during his talk LOL), so sometimes it is even funny!
I have a kit for you today, named it Lovely Days.

Take care and have a wonderful day!
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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tropical days

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, we are having a few days with real tropical temperatures, something around 28-20C( and in other parts of the country if higher).
Now you all know I love having nice temperatures, but this is even for me a bit too much of the good thing.
Nevertheless, I will not complain about it, it will be over soon enough. Today still will be great, but already tomorrow will be a drop of temperature and in the weekend more, and we will have suddenly around 20C. Too big differences in temperature in just two days.
Of course is around 20C not bad for this time of year, but for me it could last much longer at about 24C. Oh boy, we are never satisfied, is it? LOL.

You can imagine that I didn;t have to much activity during those hot days, I tried to do some things in the mornings when it still was relatively cool, and in the afternoon I sat in the shade in the garden.

Yesterday I had another session for my dents, it wasn;t fitting yet as it should, oh boy, it really takes a lot of time. Now I hope that next time it will be right and then they can make the real denture and that I can claim it in time with my health security, so that I can benefit the most of it. (this year I almost used the own risk amount, so I will have to pay only a little myself for the denture).
And as I was kind of on the way to Heidi's house, I called her before and asked if she would be home in the morning. She was, so I went over to have a cup of coffe and a little chat. I didn;t stayed all too long, because she and danny were busy chaning the kitchen. Her fridge died, so they were waiting yesterday for the new one. Then she also altered a little cupboard and they will have another floor.
It was nice to see eachother again.

I will not linger too long here, because at the moment it still is agreable outside, so good time to do some grocerie shopping.
Today I have another set of clusters for you from Arlene, made with the kit The days we left behind.
Slowly but steady I am busy with other kits, I will see if i can upload one or two in the weekend.
Have a terrific day and rest of the week and stay safe.
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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Now it is waiting for a result.

Goodmorning everybody!

What kind of result? Well, Monday I had my gastroscopie, which went very quick and well Oh my, that little anaesthesia I had was wonderful! I didn;t notice a thing, then they woke me up after about half an hour and  had a sandwich and a cup of coffee, while i waited for Jan to pick me up. 
Now i will have to wait for the result of the test. If there is found something I might get a call from the surgeon on the 13th. But if it isn;t something that only he could treat or such, I might not have a call. Then I should call my doctor for the result.
At first sight they didn;t find something really disturbing, so that already is good. 
So let's wait till we find out perhaps more. At the moment (touch wood now!) I haven't too much trouble, although the appetite still is very low, but better than it was a few weeks ago

At the moment we have again wonderful summer weather, and it will stay probably the whole week and even into next week. sounds fantastic to me.
Did I tell you already our vacuumcleaner died last week? The poor thing had a good age, about 15 years, so I think it deserves some rest LOL!
But we cannot do without one, so Jan and I went looking for a new one. By chance a shop nearby of domestic utensils had a good offer and we bought hte vacuum cleaner It is a smaller one than the one before, but has more than enough power. Strange that you have to get used to a new vacuum cleaner, but it is true LOL! Just let's hope this one will do the job for quite some time now.

Yesterday I had a rather busy day, doing a lot of things i cannot remember anymore, ROFL, but also some useful stuff. I first did some blogreading and a bit of designing, than got dressed, had something to eat and went to the market. It was a nice trip in good weather.
Home again I had a sandwich and then sat in the garden, cleaning  a heap of butterbeans  bought at the market for really nothing (only paid  € 1,00!). Nothing wrong with them, you just have to use them a bit quick.Or give them a bath in cooking water for a few seconds, cool them of quickly and freeze them in little packages. And that I did.
In the mean time I had the washing machine running, and beans ready, laundry ready, hanged it out and wanted to sit down with a book for a moment. 
Nope, not yet, there came a bill from health security, and as I looked at the specification, it still was wrong. Some things on it were charged double. I am busy with that already from mid July!! So I climbed into the phone and explained the whole thing again. And  refuse to pay, untill they send me a correct bill of costs we have to pay anyway( called "own risk") ( everybody with a health security, has an amount of € 385,00 to pay first on medicines, or other things ( a percentage of the real costs mostly)before you get a 100% refund from the security).
All fine and good(not really LOL), but then they have to do it right!
Well, we'll see if they solved it now.
Lots of people have real difficulty paying those "own risk"bills, and more and more people avoid to go to a doctor, afraid they will have to pay extra for medicines or hospital visit or whatever, which isn't a good thing. 

Good, phonecall done I finally could sit in the garden with a book for about half an hour and then it was time already to prepare dinner.
But i felt rather good about the day, so that is allright.

Today I have some fabulous clusters from Arlene, made with the Calmer Times kit. By the way, pop into her Etsy shop and look around, she told me she put in some new stuff,
And I have an extra for you!
I've made a "mini-album"of 4 quickpages with the Dreams of Memories kit. Hope you can use them.
Time to finish, so I wish you all a fantastic day and rest of the week!
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