Monday, July 17, 2017

I am still alive

Hello everybody!

just a short notice that from Friday i had serious backtrouble. couldn't almost move up or down or whatever, of course happened Friday afternoon, so couldn;t get to my doctor. I really had quite a lot of pain. Wasn't a happy weekend. Think I have the kind of arthritis or inflammation again. Today went to doctor got pills.
It already is a little bit better today.
so as soon as  can sit normally and for longer time again I will be back.
Don;t worry too much, it just happens every now and then.
Have a wonderful week.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Running behind on blogreading.

Goodmorning everybody!

It is happening every time again. I am so little time at the computer that I read my mail, answer it, perhaps do a few elements on a kit( also nt very often these days) and then go on with other things, as normal housework, spend some time in the garden as soon as it is nice enough weather, do some grocerie shopping, take time to cook dinner, in all taking it rather easy and then blogreading just isn;t done.
Then towards weekend I feel so guilty about it, that i sit down and do the reading to keep up with some of my friends, but it is tough work LOL!
I used to sit for a while at the computer every morning, so  followed the blogs by the day, but now  am spending much less time on the thing, but to be honest, I don;t miss it. Oh, i wouldn;t give it up completely, no way, but less time on it gives me some more time on other things. I even sometimes read again, most of the time when I sit in the garden, it is so quiet and peaceful then, with some singing of birds, sometimes the noise of children voices playing in the garden. It are the neighbours children and you just have to smile when you hear them. They sound so joyful, not crying or shouting out loud, just playing and having fun.

But today I ordered myself to update my blog a little bit. I really don;t have all too much to tell lately, in a way I am happy about it, It means no shocking things are distrubing our life. But sometimes it would be nice to be able to tell something exciting LOL!
I probably will post a bit irregular on the kits and the clusters. It has to do with me, not spending much time at the computr and Arlene has serious trouble with her computer. She would like to have a new one, but at the moment that is a bit difficult, so let us all cross fingers for her that her computer will hold on for a while longer!

This week we had one evening/night with aweful weather. Thunder and lightning, rain, even hailshowers, and it rained so much that the streets looked like little rivers! And at a moment we had coming water out of a pipe that is running in the kitchen over the floor. I just was in the kitchen for something and heard a strange noise. Went looking for it and saw the water blurbing out of the pipe! Quickly put a bucket under it, called for Jan, Jan could open the pipe and let some extra water out of it. It was a pipe coming from the roof, for the central heating. Sounds complicated, but okay, it went on for a moment(because of the storm that was together with the terrible rain), and then calmed down and after i think 20 minutes or so, it calmed down and was as usual.
Was however a bit scary at the moment.
Then next morning sun was shining again, streets were dry again, even the garden here didn;t suffer much from the rain, wind and hail.
Okay, a bit of rain would have been nice, but this was somewhat overdone, hahaha!
Weather will stay nice for today and tomorrow, then temperatures will drop again to just around 20 C, which is a bit low for now.
Weather still cannot stay really steady, we still have some days of high temperatures, then it drops down drastically again and after some days it goes up again to 28-30C. Strange summer behaviour.

Jan has poured me a cup of coffee now, so I will go and drink it as it still is warm and nice.
Here are the clusters from last week's kit, At Grandfather's house. The clusters for the May kit will follow later.
Have a safe and wonderful week!
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Sunday, July 02, 2017

I have new carpet tiles in my little hall!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Let's talk weather first. I am not all too happy about it. Beginning of the week it was great, but towards weekend temperatures suddenly dropped and we had some cloudy days, till today. We dropped from about 25-28C to just 19C with quite some wind. Only good thing was we had a bit of rain.
But today all looks already a bit brighter. we have still clouds, but also periods with sunshine and temperatures should go up this week to around 23-24C, with less wind and may be a shower of rain here and there.

Yes, Jan has laid some carpet floortiles in our little hall. You know from the ones we had for free. He had to cut some a bit, to make it fit.
The cutting did cause a little bit of problems, because he didn´t have a good knife for it. We had a stanley/knife, but the blade wasn´t sharp enough.Well, somehow he managed to do it anyhow and I am very happy with the new floor now. The carpet we had in it, was really old and used up, this looks fresh and clean again.
One of these days we may be do our little bedroom, and yes, Jan did buy some new blades for the knife, so I hope it will go much better.
Only problem is that we have to take our bed apart, room is too small to shift the bed to another place.
That´s often the trouble when you want to change something, you need to take things apart, or shift it to another place)like closets and so, and those you have to empty, before you can shift them.
It is always the èxtra work`that makes it take a longer time than you really want. Have to take courage in both hands and hope it will go rather smoothly. LOL.

Oh, I was for annual control at hte neurologist for my epilepsie, and I had a new one. Very nice lady, I must say.
As all is about the same, for long time, I am doing quite okay, she suggested that I stay under control with my doctor and if necessary he could always send me to her again.  was happy about it. It is only taking my time and the neurologist´s time, for just 5 minutes to say I am doing okay. They can use the time better for someone else.

My garden is looking great. I have lots of plants blossoming, so it is a happy place now. Once there came in a hollyhock, took ages to grow but this year  have flowers on it and they are in such a gorgeous color!
It is a deeper pink-red color, more towards bordeaux than the photo is showing.
And I always love my heuchera´s. There are many species from them, and great leaf plants, that as extra also have lovely flowering, very delicate.
This is, I think, the species Heuchera Caramel, but I am not completely sure. If you are interested to have one or more in your garden, just look on Google, lots to find about that plant.
You also have them with dark red and brown leaves, or green with little spots etc. etc.
We have now lots of visits of "our"parakeets, they come in every day, so every day I cut up one or two apples and hang the parts in little nets, and they are very happy with it. And sometimes they also get some seed, of course.

I didn;t do much of designing again this week, but still managed to have a kit ready, named At Grandfather's House.
The clusters you will have next week.

Now time for me to make me a sandwich and sit a bit in the sun now that it is shining!
Have a wonderful day and week, take care of yourselves!
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Sunday, June 25, 2017

So busy with doing almost nothing!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Catchy post title, isn´t it?
But really, a week is flying by, and looking back on it I ask myself: "what did you actually do and achived, my dear?"
And I really don't know. f course there are the usual things that I have done, like the grocerie shopping and a bit of housework(hey, I gave the kitchen floor and hallway a really good cleaning, not just a quick strike with the mop, but really thourough and oh boy, you don;t know what the color of the water was in the bucket afterwards!!!!!)
I did several laundries and some ironing and putting those things in the closet, and I cooked and I went into city centre one afternoon. And some gardening, and a day or two being very quiet in movement because it was really very very warm!!!Then I am sure I did some more but cannot remember, so it wasn;t important, I guess. LOL!

I can handle warm or even hot weather, but it has to stay on for longer than two days. Here it is all the time kind of a rollercoaster. One or two days suddenly up to 30C, then dropping again to may be 24C, then one again to 30C and then (as we have now) not more than just 20C.
The body cannot adjust properly and that makes it difficult. Weather wasn;t bad, of course, but it still is acting a bit crazy and I think it will be going on like that for longer time.

Our garden is flourishing and is full with all kind of things blooming or starting to make buds, so you hardly see any soil anymore(which is a good thing by the way). I spotted some tiny little tomatoes on some of the plants, it will take some weeks before we really will have a "grwon-up tomatoe"on it, but  at least they are coming!

When I was in city centre I stayed rather brave and didn;t spend a lot of money, but I bought a polo t-shirt for Jan for very little and it is soft pink!
Looks like this:
 I just love it, it is something different from the always white or blue and it is a happy color!
Also found already another 2 Christmas presents! I know, Christmas seems far away, but I always start early, looking around for possible presents and you have time to find them for a nice price too.
What else interesting I did buy? A new mat for the shower room, it's such a very soft one, very agreable to the feet and it didn't cost much, really was cheap, so a good buy. It was also nice weather, not too warm, so I made a little tour through some streets I haven't been visiting for a long time and then it is nice to see the shops there again, popping in into some, just nosing around, having a good time.

Dear visitors, I think I wrote down about all that there was to tell.
I will soon make us a sandwich and later Jan will go to his volunteering.
I've made his dinner already yesterday afternoon, so it can be warmed up in the oven when he comes home.
And for myself I think I will make potatoe wedges in the oven, with lots of garlic on it and when they are ready i will sprinkle some freshly cut spring onions over them. I will fry a croquette(you know, with ragout in it) and I will have some strawberries with iced sugar and a bit of whipped cream as dessert. I will have a yummie meal hahaha!

Today I have a minikit for you, for the month of May. Yes, still a bit behind, but you know the saying: "better late than never"!
Stay safe, have some good times, remember, little things can also make you feel good for a moment or for a longer time. Just watching a nice program on tv, or listening to a song you really like, or look around you and see the beauty of nature and listen to the birds when they sing out loud. Sounds perhaps

like "heavy stuff", but life is hard and by times really difficult and to be able to handle it, those things can help somewhat to make you feel stronger.
Have a wonderful week.

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

I was a bit of a busy bee this morniing

Goodafternoon everybody!

This morning I slept a bit later than usual, but never mind. Then after my morning tea(yes, since I have the stomach trouble, I drink less cofee and start the day with tea), I first took something to eat, than a shower and then started the washing machine. In the mean time I took a cup of coffee in the garden, because we have such lovely weather at the moment.
Then I prepared dinner for Jan this evening. Mine is already there, I will eat some left over from yesterday, which is spiced noodles with some chicken and I can take a fried egg with it if it will not be enough. And we both will have some strawberries with cream(and sugar for me too).
Dinner for Jan ready, then I made the bed. I changed the duvets for just a double sheet, because the duvets are too warm at the moment.
Then laundry was ready, so I could hang it out to dry.
Also washed the mugs and some more stuff, and by then I though I earned some computer time to update my blog.
So I was quite a busy bee till now.

Not very much happened actually this week. Oh yes, Jan had his control appointment with his doctor for his liver/stomach. All was well, so happy news. Next one will be in December again.
Gosh, yesterday  walked a lot around LOL. I was up rather early because I woke up by some strange noise. Appeared the neighbours from the appartment above us were having a rebuild or alteration again! There were some guys busy tossing stones and such into a big container from the window of appartment(and that made that noise that woke me up). Well, after I looked through the curtains, and looked to one of the guys that by chance was near the container for a moment) they stopped for a while with it and continued later in the morning. Okay, not best sound but didn;t take too long.
Then when Jan woke up and looked to the container he noticed that there were lots of good carpet floor tiles in there. I already was dressed, so went to the appartment and rang the doorbell. ne of the contractors opened and I asked him, if it would be okay to take some of the tiles out f the container. It was no problem, so Jan and I took out quite a large quantity(they were practically brandnew!) and now we can use them for the little hall and perhaps even for the bedroom! would be great, because the carpet there is really at it's end.
Wow, good deal, having fantastic carpet floortiles for nothing!

After this small adventure  I went for a bit of grocerie shopping, Then I couldn;t find good strawberries(and the ones in our supermarket were much too expensive, really). So after I first made dinner (the noodles, chicken with peanut sauce) so it would be ready when Jan came home I walked to the market. It was great weather, so it was good to be out. I found some strawberries and also bought us a kilo cherries for a really good price and they are yummie!
And I also found already a Christmaspresent for someone.
So all together I think I deserved some "free time"today LOL!

Now i feel i need to eat a little sandwich. So I will do that sitting in the garden, under the parasol(otherwise it will be much too warm in the sun at the moment.)
I have for you the clusters from the In Wonderland kit, made by arlene, of course.
This week we should have fabulous weather, days with temperatures around 26-27C(later in the week one day temps will drop for a day and the go up again to around 25C). so good for the garden, only thing a bit less good is that we will have no rain, so we will have to water the garden every day or two.
Never mind too much. Oh our tomatoe plants are starting to have some blssoms, so may be later we even will have some own grown tomatoes. We'll see how big the crop will be hahaha.
Have a wonderful day and week ahead.
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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Another week passed by in a "woosh"

Goodafternoon everybody!

Today we started out really well with the weather. Full sunshine and temperature around 26-28C! At the moment it seems as if some clouds come over every now and then. Perhaps we might have some thunder and lightning this evening.
Last Tuesday and Wednesday were the minor days of the week, with sme lower temperatures, but then they got higher again to one really warm day today.
Tomorrow will be around 10 degrees lower(figure that!) then all will go up again to around 22C.
weather is behaving a bit strange lately. It might be so, because of the change of climat that is going on slowly. 

Not much happened here. We still have no government and I don;t think it will be there soon. The first 4 parties are talking to eachother again to perhaps form a coalition and then cabinet, but there are big differences between them, so I am not certain at all that it will succeed.

Our garden is getting more and more flowers and I have made a few photos. We also have our parakeets visiting us again, as I told before, but one day last week we had about 8-10 sitting on the two rosebows!
I know attach some food(mostly parts of apples)also on the neirest rosebow and if we sit still and quiet they come there too.
I made one photo but just as I clicked, a few flew off, so I only have two of them on the photo.
And have a photo of a pelargonium, which has a little story.
Two or three weeks ago  was coming home from shopping and there was a big container with all kind of rubbish like stones, wood and such(someone was stripping a house I guess). But on top I saw a pot with a pelargonium in it, the flowers gone or brown, but the leaves still looking quite good and fresh. So I took it home, gave it a little "haircut"(well, removed all the dead flower heads and so) and gave it into jan's care. He pampered the plant, watered it, and perhaps even talked to it, but it has result! It started to flower again and looks real healthy. We both had such fun and a big smile about it.

the sweet peas are starting to flower.
And we have quite some strawberries. Well, we will not fill bowls full with them, but we have lots more than last year. We have two post and next year I hope the third pot will flower also.

Now i think I will end this post and take advantage of the sunshine while it is still there. Later in the afternoon the clouds and thunder may come near.
I have a kit for you, I am quite confident I didn;t post it before. It is named "In Wonderland" and is based on Alice in Wonderland. Hope you can use it.
Now Jan is leaving for his volunteerwork(he is leaving a bit earlier because he is going to walk to it and will come home by tram).
I already made dinner for this evening, so  can take it easy for now. Better too, because my back is not behaving well. Somehow i think I made a wrong move or so and then it takes a few days to get sound again. Oh well, age comes with some trouble, although not to everyone. I saw on tv a little film of a lady of 91 years, still doing an excersize on the bar, and she also does other forms of gymnastic if I heard well. Gosh, only watching her made me feel my back, all my other muscles and whatever more sour!!!LOL
I have a two links for you, just watch them!
If the links might not work, just make a search on youtune with her name Johanna Quaas, you should find it easily!!!!Amazing.

Good,  wish you all a lovely day and also great week ahead.
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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Happy Sunday to all!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Just a few words about the terrible news of London. Just happened that awefulness of Manchester and now London again.Whenever will it stop?
Best we can do from a distance is to keep all victims and families in our thoughts and prayers and not give in into fear for going out.
We just cannot afford that fear will be the winner and therefore the ruthless people that commit those attacks.!

I had a pretty good week I can say. we had some good weather which always helps to feel much better. and this week my friend Heidi and I finally found a moment in her busy schedule so  could visit her in her new appartment. and it is a very pretty one with a lovely view over the city from her balcony. She is on the 10th floor so you can imagine the view.
She even has some greenery around and to look onto to. The appartment is very light and all rooms are pretty square, which is handy. She has a nice sized kitchen, not really big, but room enough in it to have a little table and chairs to have e.g. breakfast.
It is a bit further away then her former house, I think I can be there now within 25 minutes walking(to the other one just 10-2 minutes). But if I want to I can take the tram and then I just have to walk for another perhaps 4 minutes.

My garden is getting greener and more colorful by the week now.
I've made some photos of it this week.
Partly overview from the patio.

 Brodski finding some shade for a moment. Often he lies on the little table between the two chairs!

 Some lovely lillies

Our little pond and if you look well, you see one or may be two of its lodgers. I counted 5 frogs at the most.

Part of the potting table, on the left ou can see two of the tomatoeplants. I splitted them up, so I have 3 more pots!
On the right you see a strawberry, and Jan already had two strawberries of it, hahaha.

Here s species of perrenial geranium. I took last year a little cutting of it, with luckily some roots on it. And i am happy it found its place and blooms now. Still yet small, but never mind, it will grow.

I also did some designing. Slowly some inspiration is coming back. But with the nice weather, well,  like to sit in the garden if it is not too hot.
And when it is really nice, till even in the evening, like last Friday, I did sit a while there just before 19.00 o'clock, just to catch the last ray of sunlight and waiting for Jan to come home,  suddenly had about 8 parakeets on the rosebow near my chair. So I sat there very quiet and watched them eating their peanuts and parts of apple I hang out for them. I had such a good time!

Forecast says that in the middle of the week temperatures will suddenly drop again to around 17 C(big difference with last week, when we had days of 28C and today even 21 C), but there is good hope that by the end of the week temps will go up again to around 22C.
I hate that rolling coasting weather, wish it could stay steady for some months at nice temps, but that is only wishfull thinking. Oh well, let's be happy with what we had already and every day with sunshine and some rain at night and temps of 22-25C. That already is very good for our region!
Time to finish this post. I want to change the bedsheets and then I probably will keep it quiet for the rest of the day. May be a quick hoovering and that will be all  already was a busy bee on Friday, I even did the windows outside at the fron of the house. Pfffff, that is something LOL!
Oh, did i mention I have another tiny little garden started??
At our street we have every few meters a tree standing, and around it there is a round with only soil;sand with sometimes weeds growing there.
I thought we could make it look nicer, so I planted a few cutlings  still had there, I have there now a Nasturtium, some mint, another plants I don;t know the name of, and a groundcover plant. It is nothing at the moment, but I will try to make it look nicer and with more bloom and then see how long it will stay there. If I have result, it will certainly look nice under the tree. And perhaps some people will do the same at the tree standing in front of their house, who knows?? LOL.

Good, I think you should have the clusters of Arlene  from the There's a little smile kit.
Wishing you a terrible good week,  stay safe and healthy!
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