Thursday, December 08, 2016

We have smart meters now in the house !

Goodmorning everybody!

It have been a few busy days.
Past weekend Jan went to volunteer work again. He was a bit tired after those 3 days, but happy to be back. So  think he has beaten the virus or whatever.
What did I do on Monday? Oh, I know, not all too much, but I went to the postoffice to send a Christmasbox and now I realize i forgot to write some Christmascards so I could take them too. Oh well,  will write them this weekend, nothing wrong with that.
Tuesday was a really busy day! Jan and i started the Christmas decorating. We were busy for several hours, with a little pause every now and then and we got most of it done. But I felt rather exhausted that evening. Then yesterday morning we couldn;t sleep very long in the morning because there would be a man coming from the gas and electricity company, to change our older meters into new and "smart"ones. Yes, everything these days seems to be "smart".
Smart phone, smart tv, smart car, smart whatever!!(and I have the feeling I am getting less smart or even dumber every time there is spoken about those "smart"things ROFL)
With those appointments they never can give you a fix time, so he would be there between 9;00 and 11.00 in the morning.
Okay, he came around 10.30 LOL. Have to say he did a quick job, and then we could put things at their place again that we had to remove to give him place to work. What it is exactly about the smart meters I don;t know, seems the company can "read"your meters at distance, so we don;t have to fill in a card once or twice a year with the readings.
Well, I suppose there will be more smart things about those meters, all fine with me.
After the fellow left and we had a coffee we finished the decorating of the room There wasn;t much left to do, just more the finishing touches, last things that had to be hanged or placed, but it took still an hour or two( and then we had to put the empty boxes away and then it was time for a good vacuum cleaning) But then all was done and I am very happy with the result.
Of course it is more or less the same as every year, although this year we did put the tree on the little manger(still the one my father once made, so already very old) and it looks real pretty. I will make some photos this weekend so I can show you.
And I did have a rather good sleep this night, how wonderfu. And the more wonderful because there was no need to wake up early. Nevertheless I woke up rather early, went quickly for a needed thing out of bed, looked at the clock and thought : "still too early to get active, I will go back and try to steal another hour or two". And I did get back to sleep for a little while. Wonderful!

Yes, I notice that i need more time to recuperate after I have been really busy and in "action". It is just a thing we have to get used to, all comed a bit with age. Still I can do a lot of things and we have to be grateful for that. Okay,  have to "dose"it a bit more and that is sometimes difficult. Because in the mind we still feel young(or most of the time) but then the body isn;t always cooperating as we might want ROFL..

More than time now to finish,  have to get moving and get dressed and then do some grocerie shopping, just a few things but needed.
And then I'll see what i do later today. Think  will take a more easy day, sounds like a good plan.
Kit for today is , of course, a Christmas kit and together with clusters and quickpage from Arlene.
This one is named "Under the Mistletoe".
Have a wonderful day.

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Download   HERE

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Worldwide Christmas scrapbooking blogtrain is starting!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh, I am late again today. I slept so long, but I probably needed it.
Yesterday I had to get up rather early, because  had the appointment at the hospital for my throat, the goitre Well, it isn;t really that, but for years it is a kind of little ball.
The doctor I had was a femal doctor with a foreign name, she was from Island. So first  complimented her with her great sounding name, and then we had the chat She was a very nice person, asked me loads of questions, said also to me that the bloodtest showed that my thyrois was working good, so there no problem. The echo I had, showed that I had some fluid there and some calcified tissue, nothing to really worry about She said it had no use sucking out the fluid, it would come back after little time again. But she suggested to make another echo with a puntion into the tissue, just for security. Then i will come back to her after a week from that. Not that she really expected that it would show something strange.
Okay, we'll have that echo and puntion and hopefully that will be the last of this year's hospital and doctors visits, and hopefully next year will be more quite with that

Jan is doing also better, I am not sure if he is really already feeling up to 100%(you never can tell with him, he isn;t the talking kind of husband LOL), but he will go to his volunteerswork again this weekend. I think it will do him good, you know. He had one of the nurses at the phone yesterday(a male, from Portuguese origin, but living here already for some years, very nice guy) and he told Jan that he was missed, by the staff and by the people/patients.
I hope there will not be too much change in patients when he starts again. There were one or two very sweet ones, who were very sick(cancer) so it isn;t sure if they are still there. If not, I know it will touch Jan(specially one old lady), but he is capable to give it a place and keep a kind of distance. That is a good thing, because otherwise it is almost impossible to do the job there.

The last couple of days it was rather cold here, we had some frost( some more at the east past of the country), and at daytime it was not more as around 3-5C. But there was some sunshine so even kind of cold, it was nice to be outside for some shopping. With a shawl, and warm coat and trousers it wasn;t bad.
Think I'll spend today inside, must do some stuff in the house.
It is a bit better temperature wise today and tomorrow, so may be tomorrow I'll walk to the market. Not sure about it yet, we'll see.
The poor parakeet Japie is still around. But I fear the days that it really will be freezing, even if just for a 2 or 3 degrees. erhaps I am too soft hearted, because in the real wild world I think he wouldn;t have survived even this long. all I can do is making sure he has something to eat, and perhaps arrange for some kind of shelter, although I think he has his own hiding places somewhere and will not use a little house of some kind.

Well, for now anough chatted. I think it is time for the freebie of the Worldwide Christmas scrapbooking blogtrain of 2016.
Big thanks to Antoinette for organizing it again this year!
Just follow the above link(or the one with the logo in the sidebar) and you will see all the freebies that are offered.
Mine is named "Merry Season"(and it is the one I;ve made my bloglayout with) and of course Arlene contributed also with some fantastic clusters and quickpage and even an extra in her download.
If that all isnt yet enough, then take a look again at Arlene's shop,
she has added some lovely papers and clusters  for Christmas there.
(there is more than the preview here)

Have fun looking through the big list of freebies on the WWCS blog(don;t forget to they thanks to the designer if you download).
Have a wonderful day and lovely weekend

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Download   HERE

Thursday, November 24, 2016

To have to wake up early..... not easy!!!

Goodmorning everybody!

Weather here is still not really bad, some days there is some rain, then a bit of sunshine, temps around 10-12, but that will change coming week, they will drop to around 5 and at night some frost. all because of the wind turning to north and North-East again.
May be that will only be for a few days, let's hope so!

Last Monday Jan had to go to hospital for a MRI and because I had to have a bloodcheck for an appointment with the doctor for the goitre  thought I as well can go with him.
But his appointment was at a very early hour, at 08.00, so we had to wake up at 6.30 in the morning And oh boy, is that hard when you aren;t used to that anymore!!!!!!
We managed though to be on time and home again, I though it might be wise to take both a little nap at the couches.
Jan dozed off very soon, but I just couldn;t get the sleep really, must have slept yet a bit, but woke up with a terrible dream, not pleasant at all
Well, I stayed awake then and oh how marvellous, that night I slept so well!

Rest of the week not really much happened over here, which is in fact bad for making a blogpost, LOL, but oh so good for my well-being ROFL.

Because of the often chaning weather now, Brodski sometimes stays out in the garden for a long time and then suddenly wants to spend time inside. One morning, when I woke up, he wasn't waiting for me in the kitchen. But he often sits then in the living room too, so  went there, looked around, opened the curtains, but couldn;t find him. Strange, but I opened the kitchen door and called for him, Brodski appeared. More strange.
I went back into the room and suddenly I noticed something moving, on a side table, behind a lamp there. That was Brodski, who apparantly had found a new place to sleep. I wasn;t all too happy abut it, he has spots enough where he can lie down, so I yelled a bit at him and gave him a soft spank on his bottom, yeah! That helped, till now, I didn;t find him anymore on that side table, but now he managed to have a place on the windowsill. How did he get there????
He sat under it, looking very sad, tried to jump on it, but there were too many pots with plants there, so no place for him. Sad looking again, he achieved that Jan moved one or two pots, and now he has a place there.
Aren;t they smart, our pets???????

Oh, last weekend I did wrap all the Christmaspresents that I have to send in a box, I also arranged a box at the near toy shop, so I only have to seal it and put on adress labels and then I can send it away next week. It always seemed still so far away, Christmas, but now Jan and I will have to start decorating in less then two weeks!
Speaking of Christmas, next week Thursday it will be the 1st of December and the start of the World Wide Christmas scrapbooking blogtrain.
Don´t forget about it,  I am sure there will be lots of beautiful contributions waiting for you.
And also about Christmas things: Arlene has some wonderful full kits and kits with only elements or papers in it. Go take a look,at her shop

Here some previews:

She has more in the shop, but you have an impression. and admit, that she makes beautiful things!!

I think I rambled more than long enough now. Time for a freebie and the clusters from Arlene at the same time. Kit is named "Memories are Time machines". And if you think it through, there is some truth in that.
A memory places you back in time, just as a time machine would do(only difference is, that a time machine might place you also somewhere in the future........something like in the Dr. Who series.... and no, I don;t follow it, but every now and then see a chapter on tv ROFL. )
Now I only have to wish you all a happy and blessed Thanksgiving(we don;t celebrate that in Holland).
Have a wonderful day.
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Download    HERE

Thursday, November 17, 2016

For EU suddenly notice about cookies on blog.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, when  opened my dashboard in Google, I got a notification about needing a cookie bar on my blog, that is, certainly for the EU. A lot of explaining, seems that one is placed already on my blog.
Well, perhaps one of my readers here in Europe can tell me if that cookie consent bar is showing up? Would like to know, please.I have no idea.
It is all about privacy and such, but what changes? We all know we are being watched on internet, if we like it or not and much more than we probably know. But that notification of cookies being used will not change a lot, is my feeling. You can agree or not, okay, nice touch, but still a lot of information is gathered around and there isn;t much we can do against it, I fear.
So far this subject.

Tuesday we had a quick visit of our plmuber, who installed the new central heating kettle. I had a few quiestions about it, about a bit of pressure that it lost and such I think it is more the almost trauma  that is left in me from the old stuff(that really was leaking so lost pressure and water quickly, had to refill every few weeks at that time)
Seems all is in order as he could see for know. To be comletely sure, we should keep an eye on it. Perhaps somewhere there might be still a small leak in a pipe(most of them are new, but we have a littl part still old and they are really OLD). Okay, we will keep an eye on it, but I am however a bit more reassured.
Something funny he told me though.
Next year in about February, my plumber will open a fish shop! He will manage it together with one of his sons and his father in law(who had for years a fish shop). He said, he was getting older too and that he didn;t want to climb on roofs and that kind of thing anymore. He will carry on with the central heating stuff, so he will start with the fish 3 days a week and the others he will use for central heating placement and cleaning.
He has still two other sons, one working at the moment for another firm and one still learning for it, to go on with the plumber business, so that family business will continue.

Yesterday we had a rather nice day, so I went to the market and came home with a bit of veggies and some cheese and such. I even had some sunshine every now and then. It was a nice walk, but at the end  was glad  was hme again, I did feel my legs a little bit!!
And what about Jan? Well, I think he is doing better, but he still feels very tired and still needs some more longer sleeps and rest I guess.
So he will stay home this weekend too, and will not go to the volunteer job. I know that he is sorry about it, but  also think it is a good thing to take some more rest and start again next weekend.
Also he has to go Mondaymorning very early(08.00 o'clock!) to the hospital for a MRI scan (it is more an extra chek-up for his belly and stomach, liver and that area),  will go with him this time. Not because I have to hold hands, LOL,  no I must have a bloodcheck done. The 30th of November I have an appointment at the hospital with a specialist for the goitre I have already for years. Sometimes it bothers me a little bit, but we'll see what the doctor has to tell.
This was a bit of a doctor's visit year, as it seems, much to much to my liking,so I really hope next year will be lots better concerning health.
If that goes rather well, lots of other things are better to cope with, it seems.

Oh boy, with all that cookie stuff reading and so on, time passed by so quckly, that it is really time I take a cup of coffee and something to eat, and then later I will take another sandwich, then with fresh smoked mackerel on it. I bought the fish at the market yesterday. Yummie!
And time now for the freebie. It is named "Charming Old Days",
And also the clusters Arlene made!
Have a wonderful day, great weekend and till next week!

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Download    HERE

Friday, November 11, 2016

I love Strictly come dancing on BBC

Goodmorning everybody!

Weather here still not really bad, although much less than it was We have days with rain, every now and then some sunshine, temperatures real crisp around 5-6 C( at times a little bit frost at night)
Next week temperatures ahould rise again to around 10 C, already much better LOL.

Yes, on Saturdays I watch a program on the BBC, "Strictly come dancing" and I love it. It's about celebrities of sport, or hosts on tv, or actors or whatever you can think of, who are paired to a professional ball room dancer and have to perform every week another dance. And not every pair has to do the same dance the same week, so there is a lot of variety. And some of the celebrities are very taleneted in it, some others have difficulties, but that is just the fun of it. I admire their enthousiasme and labour, because it is hard work!
And then you have the stage settings and costumes and all to admire too, plus a good dose of humour to it, just great for a Saturday evening tv.
May be you like to get an idea of it I have a link for you:
I hope you still can watch the episode of the Halloween. May be not for all the dances, but just look at the costumes and make-up, fantastic!

Last week Saturday evening Jan cam home feeling kind of ill. He had a bit of diarrhea and abdominal cramps and just didn't felt real good.
So I phoned Sunday to the volunteerwork-place to tell them Jan couldn;t come that afternoon. It seems there was a virus spooking around there, giving the complaints Jan had. Probably he catched it, poor thing.
It took some days to get rid of it, I am not sure it is completely gone yet(but Jan almost never gives any information, not by himself and very little when I ask something, real difficult hubby!), so we both thought it would be better if Jan stayed home this weekend too and first completely get rid of that virus No use in going there again and catching it for perhaps a second time, makes no sense.
I phoned them yesterday, so that they still have time to perhaps find somebody else to help with making dinner(that is sandwiches and soup and sometimes and extra for the people staying there).

I told you about the green parakeet Japie, the one with not too many feathers? He still is around, but there is no chance in catching him and bringing him in the house. The parakeets still are"wild"and should stay so. May be  can figure out a kind of little house or so attached on the little shed, where a bird could stay rather protected, although I doubt it if Japie really would sit there. 
But there are more and more prakeets visiting our garden again(of course, here they get food LOL) but also lots of titmouses of different kinds, I even saw once or twice a robin!

Yesterday  was kind of busy here, I did change the bedsheets, did some vacuumcleaning, did some ironing, made dinner in advance( and I have enough for today also), feeded the birds, did still some other things I cannot remember anymore, so i think today I will take it easier.
And that leaves me with some designing time at the computer too.
Today I have an Autumn kind of kit, named Harvest Time and I give you Arlene's clusters at the same time.
Time to leave you now, have a wonderful day and weekend and make the most of it and stay safe!

Download    HERE

Download   HERE

Friday, November 04, 2016

Getting really chilly here!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, definately getting colder now, and somewhere next week they expect some frost at night. We are having more rain too at the moment, so it is not quite my kind of weather anymore LOL.

First of all have to send birthday wishes to my friend Edna!(
Happy Birthday Edna, have a fantastic day.

Jan and I had to go to 2 appointments concerning financial stuff,for the time we will be pensionados. I always get very stressed about those things in advance. All kind of things go through my mind and I know I often worry too much, but that seems to be in my system lately.
Well, the guy who handles or stuff is a very nice one and all so relaxed and he sorted things out and of course I worried far too much.
I think the guy did far more than previewed( it was a orientating conversation so no charge for it, pffff), but next year he will have to do some handlings and of course that will cost a bit of money.
We'll see about that when time comes, it has to be done and it's worth it that somebody handles it who has experience it this kind of work.

Did you know, that just a few years ago, retirement age was at 65 years, but this government decided that costs of retirement payment from the government was getting too expensive, so they decided that retirement age had to be moved ahead to finally (for now) 67 years
They made it in steps so for Jan and me it means we will not get retirement money until we have the age of 66 years and 4 months.
Younger people will have to work till 67 and they even are talking about even 68 or in time 70 years of age. That is because people are getting older and the costs will be tremendous(as govenernment tells us).
But in a lot of professions it is almost impossible to work any longer that till 65 and even that is real hard for some.
I don;t think it is a really good thing. I understand kind of the why, but for people who do very physical work you cannot expect that they will hold on working till 67/68 or even longer.
I my opinion it should stay 65 years, for retirement with possiblity to work longer if you want and are able  to.

More and more parakeets appear in the garden, and also the miserable looking one "Japie"is still around. He even looks more miserable when it is raining, then the few feathers he has on his head and chest are not showing too much anymore, so he really looks like a pityful bird. I just hope with the seeds and fat we give him, he will be able to survive winter.

Today is time to do just a little bit  of grocerie shopping and I must not forget to pick up my medicins. I brought the prescriptions of Jan and me earlier this week to the drugstore, so they have time to gather them. Then I will have to think of something quick and tasty for me and Jan to eat this evening and also the rest of the weekend(today is Jan's first day of volunteer work again, so I will eat alone and Jan later when he comes home).
And later today may be some time for me to design a bit at the computer. I will have to do something this weekend for sure, because I got a message of Antoinette(Dutch Sparky) that she is putting together again a World Wide Christmas Scrapbooking blogtrain, and as I joined it every time,  will do so this time too
Start of blogtrain will be 1st of December, as always.
Okay, time now to show the freebie for today.
It is named "Moments to Collect".
Have a wonderful day and weekend and stay safe!

Download    HERE

And just because I think it is nice to have the clusters at the same time here already the clusters from Arlene!(And how lovely they are!)
Download    HERE

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Getting more and more into designing again

Goodmorning everybody!

We still have rather nice weather here. Temperatures around 12 C to even some days 14-15, not much wind, little rain, periods with sunshine.
Next week a bit the same although temperatures will drop a bit to 12 C again.
It's been rather quiet here too, which is wonderful, only, if it is quiet, there isn't much to tell either LOL.
I've been spending some time at the computer again, I seem to have some inspiration back, so I take advantage of it.
You know how I am when i kind of "plan" things ahead??????????
Well, last weekend I got the idea of making an apple pie I had still some apples left, and although i love making and eating apple compot, it sometimes can be too much, hahaha. But....somehow I didn;t come to it. Now I will try to make it this weekend, so cross your fingers.

Friday Jan has a little diner from the institution he works as volunteer. I believe a floor manager is leaving and the dinner party is payed by a family, who's mother or father  stayed for a few months there and now passed away. Just as a kind of thank you for all the people who took care of the parent. And the staff said that Jan didn;t have to come to work on Friday from 16.00 to 19.00, they have taken care of it . Nice isn't it?
So tomorrow I just have to make something for dinner for myself. And I think I already knoow what i will take. Pizza.! Easy and tasteful.
Usually I put some extra mozarella on it, gives it a little extra.

So Monday there is Halloween already! I suppose a lot of you are already preparing their house and costumes for it? Sometimes we see in programs overhere some shots of decorated houses over in America and I have to say there are some really funny and great ones.
I hope it will be a clear evening and night, so that my friend Edna will have no trouble finding my house and give us a wave when whe flies over it on her broom with Pogo LOL.
You can be sure Jan and I will keep an eye on the sky on Halloween!
And as some of you certainly will make lots of photos, you will need something to make a catching layout
Well, I've made you a Halloween kit, and Arlene made you some clusters. (Arlene has also some great Halloween papers on her website, as well as some beautiful fall papers and clusters and lots more.
Take a look
Have a great weekend and lots of fun.!

 Download    HERE
 Download    HERE